About Gogo Moyo

Healer, Teacher (Gobela), Advisor, and Counselor

Gogo Moyo is a Sangoma (Traditional Healer). She heeded her calling at the tender age of 19 and has been a practicing Sangoma since her initiation - in which she uses bones as a divination method. A Sangoma is a diviner, healer and spirit medium that has been initiated into ubungoma (the process and procedures of becoming a sangoma) through the process of ukuthwasa.

Gogo Moyo plays the role of a healer, teacher (Gobela), advisor and counselor within her community. She leverages off the technologically innovative mediums afforded to her and she mainly uses YouTube to share ancient teachings of ubungoma and the different cultures in our diverse communities. She is passionate about an African inspired and liberated lifestyle which mainly focuses on the freedom of expression.

Her biggest focus is on understanding that spirituality opens our worlds to interacting and engaging each other’s groups and spaces, which we would otherwise not so easily access. Since her initiation at only age 19, most of Gogo Moyo's adulthood has been to embrace, celebrate and educate about our people and the differences in our customs.

Gogo Moyo's Services

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Monday to Saturday | 08:00 AM to 16:00 PM


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